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Tasty and Nutritious Eggs

Kande Poultry Farm

Kande Poultry Farm is a company involved in egg production and ensures customer satisfaction by exceeding our client’s expectations in regard to production of the high quality clean, well sized and nutritious table eggs for human consumption.

We are a fast growing poultry layer farm and we enjoy the reputation in the market place as providers of eggs with consistent quality and applying robust scientific management practices coupled with state-of the art technology.

Call For Fresh Eggs


Call For Fresh Eggs


“At our farm, we have integrated modern technology with maintenance of high food safety systems as required by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)”

” As part of the farm’s commitment to continue modernizing egg production, we have installed a state-of-the-art brooding facility to provide excellent growth at the rearing stage which has a great impact on the quality of our eggs.”

” Our feed ingredients support efficient egg production which leads to improved chicken health, we in turn use less medication and therefore we improve human health in the end.”

Providing Poultry perfection since 2008

” At Kande Farm, we have embraced modern poultry practices in order to meet the demand for Nutritious, high quality fresh eggs in the region.”



In the market place, we are the leading producer of high-quality, clean, fresh and nutritious eggs.We are renowned for production of high quality eggs



In order to ensure quality control, Kande Poultry Farm provides an environmentally controlled environment with its own feed mill and modern "brooding technology"



At Kande Poultry Farm, we get our layers from internationally recognized breeders that have versatile layer breeds which have excellent feed conversion.

Delicious Eggs laid by Healthy birds

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